WHAT is Prop 2?

Prop 2 is a politically driven initiative that will hurt children, communities AND public education.

You can find the text of Proposition 2 on the Secretary of State's website here or on Ballotpedia here and here. On August 12, 2014, the legislature voted to change the numbers of propositions, so Prop 44 is now Prop 2.

You can read the Pro and Against arguments, and rebuttals to those arguments, here. They are available for public comment for 20 days commencing July 22. The pages are in transition during this time and so the links may be down. Email us here if you need information you cannot find. 

You can read our open memo in response to the proponents of Prop 2 here.

Please, ask questions if something doesn't make sense - that's how things get better - civic engagement!

The facts here were found with laborious volunteer effort. Please help us double check them against YOUR school district.  Please tell us what YOU find!  And don’t ignore ‘little’ 10% discrepancies … they add up to big money across the state, and help to sink California schools. 

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