Isn’t Proposition 2 all about saving for a rainy day?


We WISH it were about saving for a rainy day! Politicians tipped their hand in June when last-minute budget changes illustrated just how much Proposition 2 is a smokescreen.  Now it isn’t about putting money into a state reserve for schools – it’s about squeezing money out of local school reserves. 

If $1 goes into the state's school reserves account, $5 BILLION will have to be squeezed out of local reserves and carryover funds.  this includes as much as $2 billion of property and parcel taxes -- which are only paid in April and December.  The April disbursement MUST carry districts through the fall.  Do we really want to force districts to spend all their money in June, then borrow in August, September, October, and November?!  Honestly ... why didn't this go through LAO analysis, committee discussion, and public comment?  Do our politicians really think they don't need common sense?

Please, if you care about schools and kids, vote NO on 2. Questions? Contact us here.

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