Does Prop 2 Affect My School District?

Show Me District Data for My County!

How Does This Affect Districts Across The State?

How Does This Affect Community-Funded ('Basic Aid') Districts?

Nineteen out of twenty school districts in California will have to shed carryover funds and reserves when the first dollar goes into the state's school savings account -- an estimated $5 billion based on the latest district data.  

Please click on this link to see your district in particular.  Our researchers are adding counties every day, if we don't have yours, let us know and we'll boost it up our priority list.

We've also looked at statewide data, so if you're curious about the broader effects or about how your district compares with others, click on this link showing statewide effects.

And if your district is one of the 168 in the state that receives more than half of its revenues from property and parcel taxes (especially the 122 community-funded 'basic aid' districts), you'll be interested in how those districts will be affected.  Given that property and parcel taxes are paid twice a year -- in April and December -- the effects are scary.  Having to spend the April payment down to under three weeks of operating expenses means having nothing in the bank for September, October, or November's bills.  These districts will have to borrow what they would have carried over.  Education costs go up, education of children goes down.

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