NO on 2 Endorsers

We've added this page (yes, it is November 1st) because we have been getting questions about what organizations have recommended a NO vote on Prop 2.

These are just some of the statewide and local organizations that have endorsed NO on Prop 2. Please email us here with any other additions. We are all volunteers, mostly moms, doing this when our kids are in bed or otherwise occupied. We are distressed by the many ways Sacramento finds to take the money that is allocated for public education.

For another example, look no further than this website to read more about a bipartisan deal from 2004 that now diverts over $8 BILLION per year from schools' stable, reliable local share of property taxes to satisfy state obligations - and counties rarely report it so voters do not know. We have had enough.

This list of No on 2 supporters is composed largely of organizations that were not cajoled early on by the powers that be in Sacramento to sign on to support Prop 2 (links to endorsement where available). We have spoken with many groups that are already too 'committed' to read the fine print or acknowledge the errors in the prop 2 analysis (those are here); we understand, but we are still disappointed. That's just how moms roll.

ACCE Action
Bernal Heights Democratic Club
The Darryl Johnson Show (Listen at 7 minutes for some entertainment - not easy with Prop 2!)
Kern County Young Republicans
Parent Partnership for PublicEducation
Rally the Valley
San Francisco Rising
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