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We are parents. Volunteers. Californians. Professionals. (NOT politicians.  NOT lobbyists.  And NOT bureaucrats.) We saw statewide experts in school funding, including the California School Boards Association, the California Association of School Administrators, and others, saying that limiting the ability of school districts to save was not the solution to the school funding crisis in California.

We also know the future of California will be determined by the future of public education.

Frustrated by high taxes and low school spending, we decided to investigate the mechanisms of California school finance ourselves.  They are labyrinthine and byzantine. The more we’ve learned, the more we’ve found that we needed to check every political answer against the funds actually flowing to our local schools. You can learn more about our statewide organization and some of the other campaigns we have done here.

You can read more about Proposition 2 here. You can reach us by email here or call us at (510)500-5147


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I’m a NO on Prop 1 proponent… we should join ranks: those opposed to Props 1 & 2. Both will be bad for all Californians that like to drink clean, safe, affordable water and ensure our children have access to good educational environments. Please see the No on Prop 1 website and Facebook page to learn more. These propositions are linked and full of nothing (but debt) to address California’s immediate and long-term needs for water supply and public education.

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