Why does it matter if we move money from one year to another?


California was ranked 50th in the nation for per-pupil expenditure by Education Week in January 2014. 

  • If we divert money to a “Rainy Day Fund” every time the State collects a little extra revenue, we have no chance of getting anywhere near average in public education funding in the country.  
  • Proposition 2 says, as soon as schools’ share of state revenues is more than inflation tempered by headcount growth, put it aside. What does that mean? Let's keep public education underfunded. 
  • If we don’t start investing in our kids, when we have a little extra, prisons will be the only possibility. Where, yes, California IS at or near the top in funding. See the analysis from Education Week below.

Education Week Analysis

  • California is ranked 50th in the nation for cost-adjusted per-pupil expenditures and 37th for state expenditures on K-12 schooling as a percent of state taxable resources, earning a D+ and ranking 37th overall for equity and adequacy of school finance.
  • Unsurprisingly, we also get a D+ (ranking 33rd) in Achievement overall.  On standardized national tests, less than a third of our 4th or 8th graders are proficient in math or reading – leaving us ranked between 42nd and 47th in an objective measure of learning. 
  • Our students’ overall “Chance for Success” in life ranks us 42nd in the nation – wedged between South Carolina and Oklahoma – behind Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Idaho, and Kentucky. 
  • Detractors would say, but the 2014 report used 2010-11 data, and that was the worst year in California school funding!  Well, it was a pretty dim year all over the nation.  And California didn’t drop to 50th from the middle of the pack.  It dropped from … 49th.  And 48th the year before that.  And 47th in 2009 (pre-recession 2006 data).  So let’s smell the coffee.

If you care about public education and the children of California, vote NO on 2.

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