Why has Educate Our State come out in opposition to Proposition 2?


Two is bad for kids and bad for California.  It now takes money and financial control AWAY from school districts and their locally elected officials.

When we sat down in July to analyze the final 2014-15 budget, we could not escape from the fact that Proposition 2 and its last-minute statutory trigger were now both unfair and fiscally irresponsible towards schools.  When we realized no one in the political fray was willing to take on Proposition 2, we were appalled.  Since the governor has a reputation for fiscal austerity, no one could believe something this financially irresponsible was happening.  We realized parent volunteers had to take the lead.  Unlike politicians, lobbyists, and other special interests, we have nothing to lose by speaking truth to power.

Proposition 2 is a perfect example of why children always come last in Sacramento (lest we forget, we are 51st by a LARGE margin in student-teacher, student-counselor AND student-librarian ratios, not to mention at or near the bottom in the nation in per pupil funding - yes even AFTER Proposition 30).  Somehow, it's always convenient to take money out of school funding with the PROMISE, the solemn promise, that it will be repaid.  From the AB 8 Split in 1979 to the Triple Flip and VLF Swap in 2004 to the deferrals of 2008-2015, we balance our budgets on the backs of our schoolchildren.

Children have no lobby, and no money. And they cannot vote. They need us to be their voice. Do you want to give children a voice? Vote NO on Prop 2, for starters.

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