Why should I care about Prop 2?


Over 100 years ago, California voters said that our first priority would be funding public education (California Constitution Article XIV Section 8). 

Over 25 years ago, California voters said that we would spend at least the proportion of state revenues on schools and community colleges that we had in 1986-87, roughly 40% (Proposition 98). 

We have never seen a poll (or heard a politician) say that education is a low priority for Californians – and yet the state is trying now, having already cut schools’ share of local property taxes down to 33%, to cut public education’s share of State’s income taxes below 40%!

Time and time again we see money taken FROM schools, while pretending to be helping schools. Why? In part, we believe, because children cannot vote and they do not have expensive lobbyists representing their interests. Sacramento seems to have a lot more to gain from rhetoric than it does from results for public education.

Put kids first. Vote NO on Prop 2. Show Sacramento you don't buy the rhetoric. We are at the bottom of the nation in public education - what's the excuse?

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